Port Saint Lucie Academic Tutoring and Resources - Park Slope Learning Products

  • Our tutoring packages include one-on-one in-home sessions (30-45-60 min.), practice materials (paper and online), video tutorials (if necessary), and teacher communication (e-mails, phone calls, parent conferences, meetings, etc.) Contact us for pricing information; we also have family rates if you are interested in services for multiple children. SESSIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR ADULTS in certain academic areas (CONTACT US for more information). ONLINE TUTORING SESSIONS ARE NOW ALSO BEING PROVIDED THROUGH SKYPE & FACETIME FOR BOTH CHILDREN AND ADULTS. ONE (1) 1-ON-1 ONLINE SKYPE/FACETIME SESSION (30 minutes) IS $35, PRACTICE MATERIALS INCLUDED (delivered digitally). ONE (1) SMALL GROUP (2-5 STUDENTS) ONLINE SKYPE/FACETIME SESSION (30 minutes) is $25. THIS ALSO INCLUDES RESOURCES AND PRACTICE MATERIALS THAT WILL BE DELIVERED ELECTRONICALLY.

Study Guides (Unit)

  • Unit Study Guide $5 for one subject plus $2 for each additional subject (same group)
  • Practice Worksheets - Single $2
  • Practice Worksheets - Five-Sheet Packet $5 plus $1 for every additional sheet
  • FSA Preparation Package (Worksheets, Study Guides, Practice Tests, PowerPoint Presentations) - $20

Practice Tests

  • Common Assessment  $5
  • FSA $10

Instructional Video Tutorials (Individual/Specific - not part of tutoring session package)

  • One (1) video per skill - $20 ($10 for each additional video in same week) - may be sent by email, YouTube link, or Skype.
  • *Power Point Unit Slide Show/Presentation $15 per slide show

Academic Planning Coaching session (for Parents)

  •  One (1) 20-minute session $30 ($20 to parents of Prime Second Learning-tutored children)
  • Five (5) -session package $100 ($75 to parents of Prime Second Learning-tutored children)
  • *These sessions are to help in creating and organizing an effective academic plan for your child at home.

***SCHOOLS: NEED A DJ? - Prime Second Learning, LLC in conjunction with ALL STAR DJ TRIVIA provides DJing services for school events and functions.

  • CONTACT US for more information.
  • ALL STAR DJ TRIVIA WEBSITE: http://www.allstardj.biz/#!vstc1=contact