Giving Thanks

Week of November 20th

As Thanksgiving approaches and we give our respective thanks for all we have, we also must remember that those thanks must be heartfelt and genuine, not because it’s the “right thing to do”, but because the more thankful and grateful we are, the more we will have to be grateful/thankful for.   For some reason, be it vibrational or cosmic or whatever you want to call it, positive things come to those who are already thankful for what they have.  The less we compare what we have to what others have, and the more we focus on our own good fortunes, not only could the door open for more to come, but the happier we become in general.  Perhaps it is that happiness within that attracts more, or it’s just a coincidence.  Either way, being thankful is something that shouldn’t just be done on the fourth Thursday of every November, but all 365 days of the year.  May you and your families have a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving!