Report Cards – Wk. of November 6, 2017

Report cards came out last week.  That being said, they were only for the first quarter of the year.  If you/your child were/was happy with the grades, then let that serve as a motivator to continue working hard.  Even with straight A’s, there is ALWAYS room for improvement.  However, if you/your child were/was not happy with the grades, then let that also serve as a motivator to work hard and do better this quarter and beyond.  Remember, some of the most successful seasons in sports history started off slowly.  Baseball teams that started their season losing more than half of their first 20 games have gone on to finish with over 100 wins, football teams have gone 1-4 before righting the ship and finishing with at least ten wins to make it into the playoffs.  So, keeping that in mind, let the winning begin!