Test Anxiety

October 5, 2017 – One of the more significant issues that seems to be getting swept under the rug at times is test anxiety.  Many students, most of whom have good grades and great ability to understand concepts, seem to suffer from this.  Unfortunately, it can take an “A” or “B” in math and turn it into a “C”, “D”, or even an “F”, depending on how far along the student is in the marking period.   Teachers can only do so much to calm this down, as can the parents.  Positive thinking must come from within, but at the same time, it would be nice if the test makers can do something to make testing a more fun experience, instead of so serious and with a “life-or-death” vibe.  While tests do need to be taken seriously, perhaps their designers can make it less threatening, and this does not necessarily start with the test itself, but the preparation materials that they create as well.  Just like video games give tokens or bonus points if the players got to a certain level or achieved a certain feat, perhaps our state and county level tests can do that too.  Just a thought.